Automobile Accidents on Property

Persons involved in an accident are encouraged to contact local authorities and exchange information and contact insurance providers. Cottonwood Heights Police Department will most likely not be dispatched to an automobile accident on private property unless a bodily injury has occurred.

Building Rules

To maintain a first-class office environment and serve the collective interests of all tenants in the building, tenants and visitors are required to comply with the Rules and Regulations pursuant to the Lease. A summary of the more important rules are listed below:

  • No burning candles or using heaters in office suites; which are both extreme fire hazards.
  • No signage, placards, pictures, decorations, names, advertisements, or notices are allowed to be installed in windows that are visible from the exterior of the office. All visible signage must be pre-approved by the Management Office.
  • No birds or animals, except seeing-eye dogs are allowed in the building.
  • No skateboards, rollerblades or other vehicles are allowed in the building.
  • If you have spilled something on the floor, either the carpeting or hard surface, please notify the management office and they will send the day porters to clean up the spill. This will help prevent slips and falls and stains.
Construction/Alterations & Remodeling

All construction, alterations, remodeling, painting, building fixture repairs etc. must be authorized by the Management Office. Plans showing proposed modifications must be submitted to the Management Office for review and approval prior to commencement of any work. The Management Office maintains a list of qualified/preferred vendors. Work by unauthorized contractors is strictly prohibited. All vendors must submit proof of liability insurance before beginning any type of work.


Please notify the Management Office to schedule the moving-in or moving-out of any large furniture and/or equipment. We will need to schedule the date and time to avoid conflicts with the loading area, and we will need to pad the elevators and protect lobby and elevator flooring. The Management Office will need to know the name of the moving company you are planning to use. In addition, it will be best if your movers become familiar with the loading area and elevator facilities in order to anticipate any problems. Please have the movers protect all the flooring in the building to prevent abrasion and breaking under heavy loads as they are moving. You will be held responsible for any damage to the building or its surroundings caused by movers or employees during the move-in or move-out of any items.


There is no parking or deliveries allowed in the front of, or in an unmarked parking stall, at the entrance of the building. Please remind all of your customers, visitors, and vendors of this policy.
Convenient parking for employees and customers is essential for your business success. The designated visitor parking is not to be utilized by tenants.
Please report suspicious vehicles to the Management Office. Do not leave any valuable, including purses, cell phones, sunglasses, navigational devices etc. inside the vehicle.

  • Parking on the campus is by permit only.
  • Motorcycle permits are available upon request.
  • Designated 2-Hour Visitor Parking is available for guests. Designated visitor parking is clearly marked and conveniently located throughout the campus.
  • Contact Beckstrand & Associates at 801-944-7722 for temporary parking permits for guests visiting longer than 2-hours.
  • Vehicles Parked without a permit will be given 2-warnings. On the 3rd offense, a vehicle boot will be placed on the vehicle.
  • A $50 cash fine will be charged to remove boot.
  • Place permit decal on inside surface, lower left-hand corner of windshield.
Tenant Function Guidelines

If your firm is planning a tenant function (party, reception, fund raiser, etc.) please notify the Management Office in advance. The Management Office will ask for the following information: date of event, time, number of guests, parking requirements, service elevator use, janitorial needs, and a certificate of insurance as needed.
Management Office: 801-944-7722